A Modern Batarde - Cursive Gothic Script

  • Farm Studio 29 Viitasalo Road South Somersby, NSW, 2250 Australia

Batarde is a cursive Gothic script derived from commonly used handwriting styles of the day in the 1300 – 1500’s throughout northern Europe. In the 15th & 16th centuries is became used as a formal script in personal Books of Hours commissioned by wealthy monks.

This Modern Batarde combines elements of formal Gothic scripts and the cursive fluency of Italics. It is a more forgiving script for the beginner to learn while challenging students to a more dexterous use of the chisel-edge nib.

Batarde is a versatile script suited to most calligraphy projects. This workshop is a great fit to follow on from the decorative initial letters, ‘Cadels’, held last month.

Beginners to intermediate students welcome.

Fee: $100/pp by Friday 17th February

Online Bookings: https://calligraphy-cursive-gothic-martalett.eventbrite.com.au

Booking Enquiries: marta.lett@gmail.com, 0423 947 472